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 Bill Muchow- 2011 Racemaster
 The 26th presentation of the prestigious Racemaster honor went to long-time Firebird racer Bill Muchow. Having first started racing at Firebird in 1968, Muchow has been a part of the drag racing scene in western Idaho for over fifty years, was the founder of the Melba Outlaws club and has participated in every Friday night Club Challenge event since its inception



Melba Outlaws win 13th Silver Cup Club Championship 


The plaque was presented to Sandy Wood by the Melba Outlaws


Outlaws get it up !!

'Blast From The Past' Info Swiped from the FireBird Web by sfg
No animals were injured nor fish caught during the swipe.....


John Wood has competed at nearly every Oldies Drags over the past three decades. He's also won the Oldies race, in all liklihood, more times than any other racer dating back to the first year in 1981. The first Oldies event was run in conjunction with the season-closing Fall High School Championships (with a whopping 7 street rods in attendance). After getting a bit bigger every season, the event was placed as a stand alone race `n show on the Firebird track schedule somewhere around the mid-80's. Since then, Wood has driven his `38 Chevy coupe to everything from the King of the Hill title (when we still featured a runoff at the end of the day) to the Hot Rod crown, which he did again in 2010. Pictured here, this is Wood competing against a bantam roadster during the 14th Oldies race back in 1994. It's just fascinating how so many things change year-in and year-out, even in drag racing, but there's one thing for certain, John Wood still races his stick-shift coupe in the same (bright red) color, same e.t.'s, and still driven to every event, since the day he first came to Firebird to race it. That's a pretty amazing feat in its own right!

Having raced at Firebird for many decades, Steve Pyburn didn't always race Fords, he actually raced a few times on a pretty quick street bike many moons ago. Today, you'll find Steve racing his low 10-second `57 Ford at all the Club races, the Oldies Drags, Nostalgia events and the Halloween Classic. A two-time Classic Club Grand Championship, this year's official season came to a close in the opening round of Pro when he red lit with an .017 against James Bennett. Not to be denied, Pyburn returned in the popular Last Chance eliminator on Sunday, winning the "last racing opportunity of 2008". He defeated Mike Novosel, Winnemucca, Nev., in the Last Chance final.

Kent Tracy has been racing at Firebird for many, many years. He's raced everything from a 7-second T Roadster to a 10-second fat-fendered coupe. But perhaps the best story of Oldies weekend came from Tracy's `46 Ford coupe, which he has owned since he was 16 years old. This bright orange coupe was the car he met his wife in and the car he drove in high school. Kent is 63 years old today. By my math, that's 47 years of ownership, which takes us all the way back to the year 1960! It's actually quite refeshing in today's world of buy, drive (until you tire of your rod or custom) and sell world. More cars today change hands than you can even shake a stick at. To the Kent Tracy's out there in street rod land (which are few and far between), we say atta boy. Why not keep it forever. Now that's a bonifide Blast from the Past!


How can you not love the entire Lancaster family. They are huge supporters of Firebird as three different generations race a wide variety of cars in everything from Pro eliminator to Junior Dragster. One week after misfortune struck for Sharlene Lancaster (who walked away from a tough top end crash with her `35 Ford coupe), Larry debuted a new nostalgia ride at the Pre-Season Test on April 11th. Painted "Lancaster Blue", this `52 Chevy is one sweet ride, very reminiscent of the early years of drag racing. Sporting an original 1968 Firebird decal in the back window, Larry made a number of shake down runs helping establish a baseline with his sweet bow-tie coupe. We tip our hats to Larry and the rest of the Lancaster family who continue to amaze us with an impressive array of cars that most certainly "haul the bacon", as the old saying goes.


Eric Flowers has been around the Firebird racing scene for quite a long time. Not only has he raced off `n on for a number of seasons, but he also worked on the Firebird tech staff and starting line for a variety of races. Joined by Dave & Pam Goff (far right) and two friends, this is nineteen year old chief starter Brad New presenting him an award during the Fox Hunt way back in 1986. You can't do anything but love the "Go Hawaiian" theme for this group that still calls Emmett home to this day. Image by the late Sam Callaway.


Look closely and you might recognize who campaigned this car back in the late 60's at Firebird. This is the "Mr. Explosion" Ford of none other than Bill Muchow from Melba. Yes, the same Bill Muchow that races today in everything from Club to Pro to Nostalgia eliminator. Bill has always been a Ford man and it just doesn't get any better than this photo from over 40 years ago. In this race, he is competing against a white `39/40 Ford coupe. What's totally amazing is where the spectator seating is located - holy cow! This is truly one of the classic photos of all-time. Thanks for sharing it with us Bill.

The Lancaster family just loves Halloween. You can tell it every time you walk by their pit area during the Classic. Competing with a multitude of entries every year, the Lancaster crew traditionally compete with nostalgic rides. Pictured here are the two rides campaigned by Sharlene and Tessa, including a very sweet early 50's Chevy and a candy apple red bowtie pickup from the early 40's. Decked out in their gangster attire, both gals had lots of fun during the trick or treating and the costume party, too. Lastly, special thanks goes out to Sharlene for once again preparing her famous cannelloni Italian dish for everyone on the raceway staff to enjoy during the event (on Saturday afternoon).

Jason Squire took us up on our offer to scan an old scrapbook photo and submit it for Blast from the Past. A regular in the Club Challenge Series and the team captain for the Venom Racing team, Jason has been racing his Mustang (pictured at left) since first racing at Firebird over twenty years ago. As Jason recounts, “This is from the 1991 Summer High School race. It was my first event ever with my ’69 Mustang, which I had only owned for a month or so. I won my class, as did my team mate (forget his name), on the newly formed Screaming Eagles Drag Team for Capital. I also won Best Appearing High School Car and still have both trophies! I have raced my ’69 ‘Stang at least once every year for 20 years now!” That’s a pretty cool story in its own right. Thanks for being a part of the Firebird racing scene all these years, Jason.



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